musicDivya music offers short term and regular term dance courses for learning to dance, to learn dancing the dance training classes are organized on regular basis & as the online dancing lessons. The regular and online dance learning classes are offered for learning to dance in the following Genres / styles / forms :

• Indian classical dance forms (Shastriya Nrittya)
• Indian folk / tribal / regional dance styles
• Western / Global / Popular dance styles

SHORT TERM / REGULAR TERM COURSES : Divya Music, one of the top music schools in India, conducts regular and online dance classes (on Skype / Google Hangouts program) for:

1. Introductory / Intermediate / Advanced level Certificate courses -
of 6 / 12 months duration. Details
2. Junior / Senior level Diploma courses - of 2 years duration each. Details
3. Hobby learning classes for All - of unlimited duration. Details

INDIAN CLASSICAL DANCE FORMS: According to Indian mythology, all the expression of arts is associated with a deity - God and Goddess and the related performance is considered to be worshiped. Lord Shiva as "Natraja", a sacred dance gesture is the divine example of dance. The 'Nataraja' dance is in many forms and is an expression of different mood aspects of Shiva - "Ananda Tandava, in joyous form and "Rudra Tandva" is in anger form.

Different dancing styles and forms of dances in India, classical and folk, are very ancient and highly developed. The performing arts in India whether music or dance have mostly the devotional nature associated with them and so they developed and flourished in spiritual context at temples with religious ceremonies - temple dancers performing sacred devotional temple dances or in palaces for royal and high society entertainment. During the rule of Chola dynasty in south India, all kind of performing arts flourished so it is also called "Golden age" of arts in India.

All classical dance forms in India have two main aspects. Nritta and Nrittya

1. Nritta is pure dance form, meaning there is only bodily movement without telling a story. It is simply fine movements of pure energy - beautiful, energetic, and graceful.

2. Nrittya is the art of story telling through dance gestures, facial expressions, steps & finer movements.

DANCE COURSES : Regular and Online Dance courses are available in following categories:

Indian classical dance courses : available as online dance course class lessons and at Divya dance school centers in India are in following dance styles - Certificate, Diploma, Bachelor, Masters and Doctorate level courses in all the eight Indian classical dancing styles (Bhartiya Shastriya Nrittya) : Bharatnatyam dance, Kathak dance , Odissi dance, Manipuri dance, Kuchipudi dance, Mohini Attam dance, Kathakalli dance and Sattriya dance.

Folk / tribal dance courses : available at Divya dance school centers in India and as Online Folk dance courses - lessons available with Divya dance school online classes are in following folk dance styles - Dance hobby courses and Certificate level courses in Lok Nrittya / Shetriya Nritya / Adivasi Nritya / Utsav Nrityya : Bhangra Punjabi dance, Gidda Punjab dance, Garba Gujarati dance, Raas Dandiya Brij dance, Bihu Assamese dance and Rajasthani Gypsy dance.

Global / western dance courses : available at Divya dance school centers in India and as Online global dance courses - lessons available with Divya dance school online classes are in following popular global dance styles dance hobby courses and dancing certificate level courses in:
Salsa dance, Belly dance, Hip-Hop dance, Ballet dance, Jazz dance, Fitness dance, Slimming dance, Swing dance, Tap dance, Ballroom dance, Street dance, Rock n roll dance, Break dance and Freestyle dance.

Popular dance styles courses : available at Divya dance school centers in India and as Online popular dance courses - lessons available with Divya dance school online classes are in following global dance styles - Hobby and Certificate level courses in: Bollywood dance, Film / movies dancing, Student dance competitions, Television reality dance shows competition, Slimming dance for weight loss, Partner dance and kids school dance skills

Divya Music offers regular classes for learning Indian classical dances and western dances under expert guidance of experienced senior Dance teachers - gurus. E-learning - online Dance course lessons are offered by Divya Music, these online dance learning courses includes live, real time, one-on-one online dance learning class lessons with the Dance Guru or dancing instructors on internet Skype / Google hangouts video calls program.

The examinations for the short term & extended term hobby level certificate courses in dancing are conducted by Divya Music and the certificates are awarded to the successful students by Divya Music. The examination for the regular term Diploma level courses in dance are conducted by Prayag Sangit Samiti and the diplomas are awarded by Prayag Sangit Samiti.

Indian classical dance and Western dance courses are available at Divya Music for university, college & school students in India with highly experienced faculty of renowned senior dance teachers and options to select a dance course in the curriculum and a complete well defined syllabus for a promising career in dance as dance performer or teaching dance etc.

Divya Music conducts regular dance classes for Certificate courses, Diploma courses, Bachelor degree courses, Masters degree courses and doctorate dance course. During learning the theory and practice of dances at Divya Music, a dance course student learns about technique and styles of dance - knowledge of classical dances, origin and history of dance, work of noted dancers of the world, learning how to dance, solo dancing and group dancing etc.

Television reality show / competition preparation dance classes : Details

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