DIVYA MUSIC : Scholorships / Funding Programs

music Divya Music offers the following scholorship programs and funding programs for the music learning students and dance learning students attending the certificate level courses.

Peer-e-Munga centre of excellence for music & performing arts awards the funding / scholarship to young students for continuing education in music / dance at Divya Music School and Divya Dance School .

FUNDING PROGRAMS : Peer-e-Munga centre of excellence for music and performing arts awards the funding for the young students who find it difficult to afford the education in music and dance. The students enrolled under regular classes at Divya Music School and considered eligible for funding program are offered free education and literature (books) on music / dance. The admission fee and examination fee is also included in the funding program. Funding is applicable to all the certificate and diploma courses. After successful completion of the diploma courses and extraordinary performance in music / dance, the students are also eligible to get musical instruments on highly subsidized prices.
Funding: Available for two students each year and course.

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS : Peer-e-Munga centre of excellence for music and performing arts awards scholarships to the young talented students at Music School India Divya Music with extraordinary performance in music and dance. Scholarship is awarded to the brilliant students at Divya Music School to encourage and help them realize their aspirations in performing arts - music and dance and to further nourish their talents and creativity.
Scholarship: Awarded to two extraordinarily talented students each year and course.

Peer-e-Munga Prizes for excellence in music and performing arts

Prizes - Trophy and Gift Certificates: An annual competition in dance and music is held among the young students at Divya Music School on the auspicious day of "Saraswati Jayanti" or "Vasant Panchami" each year. A special trophy and gift certificates are awarded to the best performing young talented students in all the categories of music (Instrumental / Vocal) and dance according to the judgments of the honourable judges present at the competition and award ceremony. The trophy is an humble appreciation of the student’s devotion towards performing arts in each category – vocal music / instrumental music and dance.

Sponsored Music / Dance Classes: Special short duration sponsored classes (Free music and dance classes) are organized by Divya Music School for the young students with limited resources of age between 5 year to 10 year. The aim of these classes is to introduce the young students to the divinity of performing arts, nurture their creativity and to identify the young talents.

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