DIVYA MUSIC : Mission & Vision

music As a global school of performing arts, at Divya Music we commit and dedicate ourselves to our core values and best services to humanity with respect to every individual and the entire existence.

Our integrity, team work and dedication to excellence guides us to evaluate ourselves, our planning, our vision for the future, to achieve our full potential and to push the boundaries of our capabilities to move ahead with courage and confidence to help make people’s live more better, more fulfilling, happier, richer, easier to manage and more convenient for everyone it touches through the excellence in performing arts.

We believe in achievements through constant process of accepting challenges, learning, basic education, maximum utilization of available resources, and trust in a universal culture and social responsibility which always ultimately contributes to a constant overall in personal, institutional and social spheres.

Our faith in our vision and your trust is our driving force to dream, to deliver better solutions with greater benefits, more efficiently.

Our aim is to benefit the entire community in general and to provide an easy access to performing arts - music and dance for everyone interested and prepared to explore. We are specially dedicated to nurturing the young talents between the age group of 4 to 25 years. We believe that the performing arts should be available to everyone, and we're working hard to make it a reality with your valueable support.

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You are welcome to contact Divya Music at : divyamusic@yahoo.com