OM / AUM : The Begining


music 'OM' - the first sound, the first note of the universe is said to be the origin of the music and the entire existence. 'OM' (AUM), also called 'NADA BRAHMA' is associated with the creation and the 'ONE' creator. The correct chanting of 'OM' requires a unique breath-technique.

Divya Music


music The Hindi language word 'SANGEET' (Music) represents and incorporates three forms of performing arts : 'Gayan' (Vocal), 'Vadya sangeet' (Instrumental) and 'Nritya' (Dance).

Founded in 2004, Divya Music & Divya Dance is a global organization dedicated to the promotion & development of performing arts - music & dance. The education division at Divya music offers school campus & online education & training of vocal & instrumental music, dance & other performing arts. Divya Music is being headed and managed by a group of highly experienced & talented senior music / dance teachers (Gurus), well known artists - music & dance performers & the education management professionals. The short term certificate level courses, regular term programs & extended term courses in music & dance are offered by Divya Music & Divya Dance school.

The 4 websites www.MusicSchoolIndia.com and www.DanceSchoolIndia.com and www.DivyaDance.com and www.SangeetVidhyalaya.com are dedicated for the short & regular term courses offering quality education & training in music & dance.

For the convenience of global music & dance students, Divya Music Academy and Divya Dance Academy presents advanced E - learning online music classes & online dance classes for the live, real-time interactive lessons offering short term / regular term courses on vocal music and instrumental music and courses on Indian classical dances, folk dances & Western dance styles. The two websites www.MusicClassOnline.in and www.DanceClassOnline.in are exclusively dedicated for the high quality online education in music and dance with a major aim of world wide promotion and development of the performing arts. The information on the extended term online music learning courses is available on: www.MusicLessonsOnline.in

Divya music school & Divya dance school as a professional organization also offers music workshops & dance workshops, undertakes performing arts projects, organizes creative sessions, music therapy healing sessions, music & dance rehearsal & recording sessions at music studios & dance studios, organizes music events & dance events, online store for high quality musical instruments, music related products & dance accesories, provides events management services & other associated services for excellence in the performing arts.......More

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Mother godess 'Saraswati' according to Indian Hindu mythology is the deity of eternal knowledge, truth, purity, wisdom and arts. The musical instrument 'VEENA' played by her is a symbol of wisdom....More

E-Learning : Online Music Classes and Online Dance Lessons


Divya Music & Divya Dance offers online music classes & online dance lessons for convenience of music & dance students all over the world to learn music & dance with live, real time, one-on-one online classes. E - LEARNING : DM Live Core - Divya Music presents DM Live Core - the online vocal music classes, online instrumental music classes and online dance lessons for the convenience of the global music and dance students. Divya Music live, real time interactive music & dance classes conducted through Skype, Zoom, Teams & Google Meet Hangouts Duo programs is an effective distance learning program, a fusion of the creative performing art to the modern technology recreating the magic of one-to-one learning as in ancient Guru - Shishya parampara (Teacher - Disciple system).

DM Live Core - ONLINE MUSIC CLASSES & ONLINE DANCE LESSONS by Divya Music offers the top rated online music & dance learning with the following unmatched features:

• Top Qualified, best experienced Professional dance / music teachers from all over the world
• Live, one on one, real time interactive online lessons for dance / music students of all levels
• Flexible time schedules of the online music / dance class lessons for international students
• Well defined curriculum for all levels of learning, developed by global music / dance experts
• Advanced music / dance E-books learning content with practice (Riyaaz) tools for all levels
• Save on the travel time and on the cost of travelling to the music and dance teacher / school
• Safe & convenient option for kids, children, women and elderly to learn music / dance online
• Affordable, low cost price learning fees for the best online music and dance class lessons
• Convenience and comfort of learning lessons at home as a private music / dance lessons
• Online lessons for beginner, intermediate & advanced levels of learning music and dance
• Join the appropriate level music / dance classes after individual evaluation & expert opinion
• Private and group online class lessons for all age groups and music / dance learning levels
• Learn with top rated Divya Music, a global music / dance school with international faculty
• Get music / dance expert opinion feedback on the performance with the improvement tips
• Multilingual online class lessons option to learn Indian Vocal, Musical Instruments and Dance
• Online music / dance lessons in English / Regional Languages for Non Resident Indians-NRIs
• Better consistency & concentration, least missed classes due to flexible online class schedule

Music Therapy Healing Sessions / Music and Dance Specialized Sessions


Divya Music offers specialized Music / Dance sessions including the Music therapy healing seeions, highly experienced music therapists provide music therapy...More



Divya Music offers franchise opportunity to the individuals and institutions genuinely interested towards the promotion and development of performing arts - Music and Dance in major cities and towns in India and abroad. These affiliated centers / franchise centers of Divya Music can enroll the students and conduct the certificate level hobby courses in Music and Dance......More