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Online Class Schedule

DM Live Core online dance classes and online music lessons have been devised and developed for the global individuals of all ages with or without the basic skill levels in music and dance, for the busy individuals who do not have the time to attend the regular dance and music classes at the school and the regular school courses, individuals who require flexible online class schedules according to their own convenience. The high quality one-on-one private online classes, flexibility with the class timings, the personal convenience, savings on precious time and money are the hallmark of DM Live core online dance lessons and online music classes, facilitated on Skype / Google Hangouts program.

Real Time, Live, One On One Online Music Classes & Online Dance Classes :

-> Options of 1 / 2 / 3 online music class lessons and dance class lessons every week.
-> Variable duration classes of 30 / 45 / 50 / 60 / 75 minutes each (for different courses).
-> Time schedule flexibility & provision of replacement lessons / make-up classes online.
-> Convenient time schedules of online class lessons for almost all the global time zones.
-> Convenient schedules - Online classes conducted from 0600 to 2200 Hrs India time.
-> Real time, One-on-One, live class with qualified & highly experienced Divya Music faculty.
-> Best experienced, senior, multilingulal music teachers - gurus & dance teachers / instructors.

Convenient Online Classes : The standard online certificate level classes for learning music and dance styles include ONE real time, live, online class session of 45 minutes duration per week (4 online classes in a month of 30 / 45 / 50 / 60 / 75 minutes duration each for different courses). The online student can opt for increased the number of classes, options available are of 1 / 2 / 3 online classes every week (4 / 8 / 12 classes every month) by paying additional fee, as applicable. The one-on-one online interactive music and dance learning class with the online teacher, the Guru from India is organized for understanding and learning the theory and practice of music and dance according to the precribed syllabus / curriculum, for the required perfection through real time, One-on-One interactive demonstrations / explanations, a complete live guidance for improvements and question answer sessions on theory / concepts of practice with your online trainer.

Convenient time schedules : The online music and dance classes by Divya Music are offered on all 7 days a week and between 0600 Hrs to 2200 Hrs India Time (Time Zone +5.30), the online students can choose the desired day and the desired time of the weekly class (for the chosen course online). a faculty of multiple online dance teachers - gurus and music teachers is always available at Divya Music studio and so the probability of getting the desired time schedule for the online classes is very high. If your chosen time schedule is not available for your online classes then we request you to provide with two other desired class time options, any one of which is finally confirmed as your weekly class schedule.

Unmatched Flexibility : The online class student can request to change the class schedule by giving a prior notice of minimum 24 working hours through E-mail, phone or fax. After the online class cancellation, Divya Music will try to facilitate the weekly class according to the revised mutually convenient time schedule with-in the same week, as desired by the student, subject to availability. For long duration vacation leave, the online class student must inform Divya Music minimum 7 days in advance to reschedule the classes accordingly.

Online Class Preperations: The details on the online dance and music class preparations for the practice, computer camera placing and other useful tips will be provided to students individually.

Regular Class Schedule

The regular dancing group classes and music group classes timings at Divya music across all the franchise centers located in different towns / cities / metro cities vary on individual basis. The regular music and dance classes at most of the Divya Music franchise centers are conducted on all 7 days a week and the classes are available with different time schedules between 0800 Hrs and 2000 Hrs India Time. The regular students have to attend the classes according to the prescribed time schedule of the desired course.

Regular Vocal music / Instrumental music / Dance classes schedule : is

01 classes of 45 / 50 / 60 / 75 minutes duration each / week (04 classes / month).

On request, special private classes for learning music at home and private dance learning classes at home are organized by Divya Music. The private dance tuition by personal dance tutor and sangeet tuition by music tutor for teaching music to a group and private home classes for dance training to a group are organized by Divya Music School and Divya school of dance for all courses in music and dance. The group classes usually has a maximum of up to 5 students learning music or learning dance together.

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